Patents Generated

# Department Particulars Year
1 Botany A herbal appetizer formulation wild herbs of trans Himalaya (Dr. T. Parimelazhagan) No. 285/CHE/2007
2 Botany Anti-inflammatory activity of Heracleum rigens Wall. Ex Dc (Dr. S. Manian) No. 50/CHE/2009
3 Botany Heracleum rigens extract with anticancer activity (Dr. S. Manian) No.51/CHE/2009
4 Botany Dietary Supplement and Method of Manufacturing the Dietary Supplement (Dr. T. Parimelazhagan) No. 1119/CHE/2010
5 Botany An improved boiling device and a process for manufacture thereof (Dr. T. Parimelazhagan) No.2322/CHE/2010
6 Botany Method and Composition for Treatment of Wounds (Dr. T. Parimelazhagan) No. 2088/CHE/2011
7 Botany Methods to isolate Isokaempferide from Acalypha alnifolia (Dr. T. Parimelazhagan) No. 4777/CHE/2015
8 Botany Isolation of compounds with Anti-diabetic potentials from Syzygium mundagam (Dr.T. Parimelazhagan) No. 4779/CHE/2015
9 Microbial Biotechnology Bacterial Pterin Deaminase with Antitumor Property (Dr. J. Angayarkanni) No. 2260/CHE/2009
10 Microbial Biotechnology Mammalian Pterin Deaminase with Antioxidant Activity (Dr. J. Angayarkanni) No. 2259/CHE/2009
11 Textiles & Apparel Design Sansevieria Stucky Fibres and Yarns (Dr. Sangeetha Krishnaswamy) No. 5253/CHE/2014
12 Textiles & Apparel Design Swietenia Microphylla Extracts for Medical Textiles (Dr. Sangeetha Krishnaswamy) No. 5915/CHE/2014
13 Nanoscience & Technology Novel Chitosan Nano-Herbal Composites and Process for Preparation and Application (Ms. P. Premasudha) 2014
14 Nanoscience & Technology Wide bandgap nanostructures, British patent (Dr. R.T. Rajendra Kumar) 0803709.5
15 Environmental Sciences A Process for Denitrification of ground water (Dr. Swaminathan & Dr. Lakshmana Perumalsamy) No. 1433/DEL/2003